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It’s Not New Year’s, It’s Your Focus

There are no rules on how to live your life.
Except for the ones that you believe exist.

It may be a new year and yet nothing is different except your state of mind.
You see, it is not New Year’s that creates a new beginning for you and your life, it’s your belief that it does.
Your mind, your focus is one of the most valuable tools you have to experiencing anything in life that you desire.

It is not New Year’s.
It is not Christmas.
It is not your birthday.
It is not your wedding day.
It is not your holiday.

It is your focus.

You do not have to wait until the next “big” thing to change something in your life.
The next “big” thing is your life.
It’s every morning when you wake up.
It’s every moment that you are aware.

So here’s to 2020.
May you be aware in ways you’ve never been aware before.
May you live everyday like it is the most exciting day of your life.


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