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In The Darkness

I wake in darkness, just as I asked the Universe to do for me. I love telling the Universe what I desire and allowing it to happen.  What was my desire exactly?  It was to walk with the morning Sun “rising”.  I have been enjoying my early morning walks and I wanted to walk as the Sun is occurring to me and that is what was happening Now.

As I stroll out of my house with my hydration pack in tow, I take in the slight coolness of this morning.  Ahhhh I love when there is coolness in the morning.  Breathing it in… Feeling it against my skin… Moving my body through it… 

Feeling guided, I head towards the water.  I love trusting myself.  Taking a right when normally I’d take a left… Crossing a street two blocks sooner than I might have assumed… Stopping to observe a squirrel for five minutes…

“Hello, good morning Universe!  Good morning my Higher Self!  Good Morning Blu!  Good morning Bluie!  Thank you for waking me!  Thank you for this moment!  Thank you for waking me!  I so love being awake right now!  Thank you!  Thank you!”  I breathe in this magnificent experience and I question to myself and the Universe, “What do I desire for my day!”  Clarity in thought is quickly received, “I am desiring to interact with as many people that I can be of service to today!”  It feels so good, so I say it again, “I am desiring to interact with as many people that I can be of service to today!”  Such beauty in emotion.  I continue to walk saying hello and good morning to that which is along my path.

As I step across the street, I see a man before me sitting in a chair.  Ah yes, a human I get to say hello to.  I love saying hello, sharing a smile and/or making eye contact with people as I walk around.  “Good morning!” Happily I express.  “Good morning!” He delightfully exchanged in return.  Our conversation continued on and I smiled to myself.  I acknowledged the thought I received on my walk and how EASILY and QUICKLY the Universe connected me to my desire… just as it had done this morning when I entered back into my physical body in the darkness.

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