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In Order For Something To Be Different, One Must Be Different

Today IS The Best Day Ever ?

The past few days have been full of amazing contrast.
Contrast that in the past I would have let the old stories run with.
This time when it came up I decided that if I wanted something to be different, I was going to need to do something different.
So I chose that, I chose to be different.
I didn’t call the person I usually call to ‘argue for my limitations’ and ‘throw the pitty party’ of “this” is “happening” again.
I didn’t call anyone and ‘talk’ about it and share details.
I didn’t try to take action in efforting in order for a condition to change.
Instead I stood rooted in “I am not interested in a condition to change in order to feel better. I desire to powerfully exist in my vibrational alignment. I want this and I am willing to do whatever it takes to come into alignment with myself, whatever it looks like, whatever it takes”.
I had apparent and different conscious conversation with ‘myself’.
I interrupted those old stories in ways I had never before.
I stopped being ‘nice’ and consoling the old beliefs for being there.
I gave up on them and gave into my well-being.
I stood so passionately in my desire of unconditionalness.
I’ve been continuously stepping into what unconditional love really is in regard to other humans and I’ve allowed myself to experience it more and more.
And now it was time for me to be unconditional with myself as I experienced (again) something I created in my life that kept me ‘small and lifeless’.
I had to love myself in the midst of ‘unwanted’.
And so I did.

The occurrence of the contrast was it was the worst it has ever been and yet I felt the best I had ever felt about it.

Conditions began to appear as a reflection of my alignment, but I didn’t need them to feel better, they came because I already achieved feeling good.

When we ask, it is truly given. And I had been asking to ‘clean up’ this old story and I have continuously asked to be unconditional and see the well-being in everyone and everything. This beautiful bubbling contrast allowed the space for the new depth of connectedness with Me.

And sometimes we are guided in the midst of ‘uncomfortable’ on our way to comfortable.

Everything Happens For A Good Reason.



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