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“Hey everyone! Can you please send me and my family thoughts and prayers of love and appreciation. We all feel so good and your thoughts and prayers will bring more feeling good to all of us and YOU”.

👆 Said noone ever… Well maybe not ever, but I’ve surely only seen people asking for thoughts and prayers in the something is wrong and it needs to be different context.

So it got me thinking… Why is it that things are “given” in larger outward scales to a person or person’s of “need”. And I get it – we live in a world of constant flow and moving and of balance, so things would naturally flow to and from and from and to. Our natural tendency is to receive and share.

I’m talking about is the focus and perspective that ones in “need” are the ones that somehow deserve another’s blessings, money, time, focus, etc. And I’m not talking from the Universe, I’m talking from the collective consciousness perspective of “give to those less fortunate”. No one is LESS fortunate. WE ALL have access to God/Inner Beings/Spirit/Source/etc. None of us are less fortunate as we all have a DIRECT line to Source. How one uses that direct line is entirely up to them. And how they use it is not your responsibility, just as how you use it is not theirs.

NEED is such a lack conversation. A perspective that you or someone else does not have all they require to live and thrive. And that’s bullshit. Will we always need/want/desire more, absolutely. But the constant “I do not have/they do not have” keeps the NEED alive and your solutions at bay. All of us can thrive just where we are in our life experience, regardless of what is or isn’t here right now. It’s your choice to acknowledge that to be so – or not! But you can turn and pivot TOWARDS have and experience a whole new world.

Now maybe you’re reading this thinking, yeah right, what about those people that xxxxxx or my xxxxxx and you’re telling me that we can all be happy if we focus on the good now??? YES! But if you’re doubting this post on this you’re more interested in feeling right then feeling good. You’re more interested in proving a point and swimming in demise than feeling good. Plainly put, how you feel is not important enough for you.

You and they landed themselves wherever they are in their life – grief, depression, poor, hungry, sad, lonely, etc – OR – happiness, joy, satisfaction, peace, love, appreciation -.

And it DOES start with YOU feeling good. Ever get on a plane and hear the flight attendant announce that in case of emergency you have to adjust your mask first before assisting others? Yeah because you’ll die trying to help another if you haven’t first cared for yourself. So yeah, it is as simple as YOU feeling good FIRST. Yeah YOU.


This post is not about not helping others. That’s not what this conversation is about. And you will derive from this conversation the context that you see fit. It is not about the words I share, bit your perspective about them. What you read and interpret is in the sole responsibility of you.

And this conversation isn’t even about go give your money to the person with the best smile. Because when you feel good, everything good shows up. It’s not start a group for people that feel good because they NEED blessings because they live in the world where blessings exist all around them.


So why not switch up the manutia and just share and give and ASK not because it’s needed, but because it feels good. Period. IT FEELS GOOD. And the person doesn’t have to be in NEED. We can give and share to others because IT FEELS GOOD. Not because it’s the ‘right” thing to do, because for no other reason IT FEELS GOOD.

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