“I gotta figure it out!”

I’ve been in Europe now for 10 days and up until yesterday had been swimming in the pool of “I gotta figure it out”.

I gotta figure out where I’m going next, so much when I was in Lisbon I was trying to figure out where to go to next.

When I was in Madrid, where to next. And not just where to next, but where am I going to stay and etc in the next place.

This occurrence of, “I gotta figure it out” stole th show of my present moment. So much the first few days seem but a haze.

Tomorrow I’m traveling from Barcelona. Where to? I don’t have that answer. Where will I stay? I don’t have that answer either. How am I getting there? By train (maybe). And I’m great with it. I’m not taking action until I feel that impulse. I have he impulse you travel out of Barcelona tomorrow, so I’m going. When I wake, I know I’ll know where I’m going, or maybe when I get to the train station. I know I will know and my impulse will (kerry) me.

So what changed?
1- I found physical stillness and went out to be in nature for 5 hours.
2- I shared and reached out to friends. I stopped containing it.
3- I stopped everything else, took a shower, layed in bed and listened to music that moves me and meditated.
4- I dropped it all and just went on my day. I stopped looking to find answer and figure it out and just went and did what I wanted to. Which showed itself to be the best day I’ve ever had in my entire life ❤️

So was it all the action?
No. The action is the result of something greater. The action is the result of choice.

So what was it?
It’s my commitment to myself of BE-ing Source. What that means is the most important thing is my relationship with me, that I am so in love with me that I care about my well-being and I’m living in internal peace and freedom.

Simple put. My commitment is my relationship with Source (Self).

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