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I Am The Magician ?

I am the magician of my own world. 
When I think it, it is so.
When I imagine it, it is so.
When I speak it, it is so.
I am it, and it is so.

I went from actualizing my desires in months and weeks time to now days, hours and minutes of them becoming my reality. 

When I receive the thought.. poof!
When I imagine it.. poof!
When I meditate.. poof!

I now get what true faith is. I now get what Abraham Hicks has been talking about. I get it because I’ve become it.. allowed it into my life.

Now, anyone can do it. You can sit for 15 minutes a day and imagine your life to be so and it can be so. You can meditate for 15 minutes a day and your life can be so. You can feel good and your life can be so.

And I will say, I didn’t just wake up one day like this, just so in love with life.. But by waking up every day, experiencing life and trusting my intuition I created and allowed my journey and access to the insurmountable love that has already been available to me. A love that I only used to hear about but never truly felt.

And it’s not available to select people… you don’t have to work hard to get it, you don’t have to be born into a privileged family, you don’t have to be lucky, you don’t have to be born under a certain star, you don’t have to look a certain away… You get to be a living being… period.

I share the love, appreciation and worthiness I that I am in this moment with you. I share it in this message. Each word jam packed with love.

And everyday no matter who I am interacting with; a “stranger” on the street, a client, my lover, my mom, or the gas station attendant, I get to share this with them. … the gift of love, for I’ve accessed it unconditionally within myself…


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