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How Does Your Body Feel?

I have literally had this bodysuit for 1.5 years and this is my first time wearing it. ALL the other times I’ve tried it on it was uncomfortable-tight. My inner voice said, “bring it to Podfest” so I did. I put it on for the evening and “wow” it was perfect!

Now it feels so damn good to listen to “bring it” and it feels so damn good to listen and take action on the things that have led to this moment. Like: not eating food that doesn’t feel good when I eat it; saying no to activities that I don’t want to do; going outside when I first wake up; meditating everyday; playing + swimming in the ocean almost everyday; singing and dancing whenever and wherever I feel the impulse….

ALL those things are BIG-impactful deals to me – so much that my body changes too.

I have never found food + exercise to be the reason my body ultimately transforms. I have found that my relationship + connection to SELF transforms my body. Which can and does alter the physical appearance of how my body occurs to me. Not because of food or exercise, but because of TRUE SOURCE (SELF) CONNECTION.

Consider that the most important work is not to focus on what you are or are not doing, but in the work of your relationship with YOU + YOU. That all your “right” actions come from who you’re BEing for YOU.

AND it doesn’t matter what your body LOOKS LIKE… it ONLY matters what it FEELS like.

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