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Ease Your Pain

Whether your pain is physical or emotional.
The Soulution is simple.

So simple some may question the validity of it.
So simple some may say they’ve done it still to only find their pain still existing.
So simple some may never engage it based on a mindset that solutions are complex and hard.

I’m going to share it with you.
It’s called laying on the Earth.
Well it’s not ‘called’ that, it’s just what you do!

So here’s the simplicity of it.

DROP/STOP EVERYTHING: The electronics, the to do list, the conversations, etc..  Literally release it from your hands; from your attachment and set it aside.

GO OUTSIDE: Anywhere will do that calls you!

LAY ON THE EARTH: Lay your physical body on the Earth.  Face up or face down which ever feels best for you.  And if it works for you, naked is even better!

FEEL + FOCUS: Feel the presence of the Earth with your body. Turn your focus, your awareness to the sensations pressed against and connecting with your body.  Allow yourself to become aware of the vibrational frequencies filling the space of you; the textures, the scents.. 

DON’T MOVE: Lay in that spot until you are 100% complete.  Like filling up a gas tank. You have the money so why would you only fill it to half way?!  Literally allow yourself the GRACE to lay until you are FULL.  You’ll know when you reach your complete quota.  No amount of text messages, social media notifications or requests from others is more important in this moment.  So fill you up!

• If your mind wonders at all throughout this experience, that’s ok!  Just bring your focus, your attention back to the experience with the Earth.

The amazing Mother Earth is loaded with a vast supply of electrons and when you engage with Her… guess what?  You engage with those electrons too!  Engaging with the Earth like this can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems.  It literally can shift your current physical and emotional state from one of discomfort to one of ease.  But YOU have to interact with Her and allow yourself the grace to BE with Her.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS send me a private DM. ❤
And please leave a comment if this was valuable to you 👇

In Gratitude,
The Universe Made Me Do It®

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