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Dying To Be Too Perfect

The Burren today…

This place is energetic and magical. I’m guided to come here as many times as my impulse takes me here..

So far Ireland has been quite the teacher for me. To say that I’ve come to one of the places I have most fantasized about and everything has been Harmony and Flow is not quite accurate.

In my mind I have made Ireland so magical and have waited to come here for it to be so PERFECT. And yet by my created perfectness my experience here has been the opposite. I have to chuckle about this as I wanted it to be sooooooooo perfect and I kept putting off coming here. I mean how could I tarnish it’s perfection in my mind.

Now is my time here perfect, yes it is – just not in the way I imagined it. It’s giving me the perfection that is truly expanding me to BE the demand for myself to live that which I have imagined. It’s asking me to thrive in the midst of it all – no matter what it looks like (or doesn’t look like).

And frankly I could have waited an eternity to travel here, waiting for all the right circumstances to place out so I could experience Ireland with everything in place. And I would have died. Died never traveling here because “too perfect” was running the show.

Now is this just about IRELAND? Fuck no. It’s my life and all the parts of me that are DYING to be “too perfect” in order to….

That is true death. Never living. See I don’t fear death (the death of leaving the body behind) or feel weird about it.. The death that truly suffocates is not thriving – not being present while talking to my Mum, not seeing the colors in the sky as the Sun is setting, not feeling the softness of Dexter’s fur as I pet him.

So now, “too perfect” gets to “die on the vine” – dry, crumple up and blow away. Will I ever see it again? Maybe, maybe not. IF I do, it won’t look the same or feel the same, because I’m different now. And it will be different, because it’s a foreign body. It will feel much like a kids sticky slime toy on my face – totally obvious and not apart of me. And you know what can be done with that slimy toy? Removed with just one motion with my hand. ✋

So here’s to connection with Self 🙏🧡✨

Can you relate? Are you in this made up/fabricated story? Where are you in your journey?

P.s.. why isn’t it DIEING instead of DYING? 🤔

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