Do You Know Your Beauty?

I love discovering tiny things in Nature.

It’s the moment I’m walking around and I’m guided to LOOK DOWN (or up)!

As I shift my focus, I see her.



Pure Beauty.

Who must she be to be to exist here in this moment in time.

Does she know her beauty?

Does she even experience her life in those terms.

Is she aware of your delicateness?

Does she occur to her in such a way?

Is she aware of her vibrance?

Certainly she must know of this.

This stunner (do you know who she is?) occurring to me so delicate and petite and yet she weathered a lengthy and heavy wind and rainstorm.

Still thriving, vibrant and beautiful and even more than before the storm.

I love exploring the amazement of nature.

I love the wonderment it evokes in my mind.

Now, I know there are properties and aspects of this plant that can be explained (and I’m interested in those too), however, I love letting her tell and show me her.

I listen. Not with my human ears, but my spiritual ears.

I feel her. I feel her essence, her beingness.

That is the most profound place I discover her, is by being with her; beyond my human awareness.

Did you know you are her?
Beauty. Vibrant. Delicate.
I see you.
The world sees you.

Do you ever stop to listen to some of the smallest beings in Nature?

What’s your story?

Who are you with Nature?

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