Do you feel fulfilled in your current pursuits? If no, ask yourself, is this ego or Tao? Ego pursues monetary status, positions of power, and tells you lies that fluffs it’s own self up to let others know what it has accomplished. The Tao or God in you, guides you to experience life for the greater good, for pure enjoyment of the now and to trust in The Way and the way will be provided for you. Practicing the Tao invites you to be thankful with an attitude of appreciation with an intention of How may I serve. The overwhelming urge to do or not do something, that is Source of all creation In You, calling to follow you inner guidance and it will provide, motivate and influence you to all you need. Ego will say you are not ready, not worthy, not enough. The Tao is working for and with you, Trust the harmony of the Tao. Tell ego to sit down and be quiet or bounce on out. Turn over your desires to the Eternal Way and listen/watch for inner guidance then take the inspired action toward fulfillment.

Do The Tao Ep 3 YouTube