Work with Coach Kristopher

Are you ready to live your most intentional authentic life and tap into your own powerful inner guidance system?

I offer customized coaching sessions meant to be scheduled every 2 weeks to keep momentum flowing and growing.

In each 60 minute session we will go deep into smoothing out the sharp edges, untwist the knots of life by refocusing your attention on intention, feel your authentic connection and discover your own powerful intuition works.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

60 minute Introductory Session ~ $75 (USD)

One Session ~ $200 (USD)

Take Action! 7 – 60 minute Sessions ~ $1,050 (USD)

Level Up 14 – 60 minute Sessions ~ $1,925 (USD)

Work with Dr Kerry Kott

“I bring a unique perspective of intention and silence to my coaching. Such that a space is created to maximize focus and intention. From this space, your life moves and magic happens.”

Sessions are 15 minutes with 3-5 minutes focused on intention and 10-12 minutes focused on silence.

In conversation we focus on your intention. Your intention for this moment in time; your NOW intention. My guidance is to assist you in such a way that you are LIT UP with your intention. A powerful intention makes all the difference.

In the silence, there is nothing for you to ‘do’. It is a space of being. In the silence I am 100% present WITH you; and WE are heart to heart connected. What happens in this space is indescribable.

These two aspects together ARE the magic in my coaching. Come explore intention & silence and step into (the real) YOU.

My clients have come because..

  • They’re up to something and passionate about making an impact the world. They want to take it to the next level.
  • They’re eager and ready for the transformation they’re asking for.
  • They’re having contrast in relationships:
    Dating / Love Partner – stuck in pattern, unsure of whether to stay or not.  why does this keep happening?
    Parent – don’t have a good relationship with my mom/dad.  Every time they try to share, they’re stuck in a pattern.  Can’t get out of.
    Sibling, Co-Worker, Friend – different places, different faces, same old patterns.  
  • They’re connected to the universe and have awareness of the law of attraction
  • They get that they play an active role in their transformation and know they need guidance.

If you’re ready to SHIFT YOUR REALITY and be the deliberate CREATOR you came to planet earth for, then let’s get going!

Complimentary 15 minute Discovery call

15 minute Magic Power Session ~ $66 (USD)

Magic Power Pack 6 – 15 minute Sessions ~ $333 (USD)