The Power of Authentic Connection

by Coach Kristopher I have been working on some guided meditation ideas this week and the most powerful for me has been connecting to authentic self. It is about being present with the energy of every cell in your body. In this presence I have become aware of connection with me, the real me, where [...]

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Balance 🤸

Flying high in the mountains. These trees have mountains. Yeah, tree covered mountains. After much going here, seeing this, experiencing that, my guidance is to relax and not 'go' anywhere. Now, that wasn't initially the easiest thought to be with considering I'm just minutes from one of the most famous waterfalls on planet Earth. My [...]

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The Secret Has Been Unveiled

Was it a secret or just veiled by the world of 10,000 things? As we dive deeper into understanding our authentic self through intention, authenticity and intuition, we open up to the abundant Source of the Universe. Go to www.theuniversemademedoit.com coaching page to schedule an introductory session and discover the secret to being abundantly successful, [...]

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Step Through The Fear

There is a Christian radio song I love by Zach Williams called Fear Is A Liar. It inspired me to do a video as well as the snake I saw before I decided to do it. You can check it out on the YouTube link below. So I stepped through the fear to do it [...]

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Number One Benefit of Intentional Silence

Do you know what the number one benefit of Intentional Silence is? Wouldn't you first like to know the difference between silence and intentional silence?  Did you even know there was a difference?  Well, there completely is and both have a different impact on your wellbeing.  Can you guess which one has more of the [...]

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Do The Tao Now Ep 3

Do you feel fulfilled in your current pursuits? If no, ask yourself, is this ego or Tao? Ego pursues monetary status, positions of power, and tells you lies that fluffs it's own self up to let others know what it has accomplished. The Tao or God in you, guides you to experience life for the [...]

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An Introduction of Me; Dr Kerry Kott

HELLO beautiful beings!!!!!! I am introducing myself, proudly 😍 And what a great day to do so on... a day of divine feminine celebration. And as "mom" is not just devoted to the female embodiment, but the true essence of femininity in all of it's expressions. For we all embody it in varying degrees. I [...]

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