You know why I love PURE FIRE FOODS?  Because the creation of these tonics are mindful and sacred.  The plants are listened to + honored, each batch set forth with intention, they have local musicians who come and play music with them while they’re brewing and each bottle before capped is whispered the world LOVE to.

“I have utilized ear seeds in my Chinese Medicine practice for years. The ears are an amazing microsystem of the entire body and ear seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate points on this microsystem. It’s like acupuncture in the ears without needles and the ability to keep the ear seeds in for days stimulating those points. EarSeeds® offers a great way for you to have this experience + healing.”

Please Note: I am happy to guide you in your ear seed experience. Please contact me.


“I have used Google Fi service for the past 4 years traveling the world. I have coverage in 200+ countries, same data charge as when I’m in the US, unlimited texting and I can pause my service anytime. Oh, and their customer service is stellar!!!!”

“I have had some of the most amazing pet sitting and destination experiences through Trusted Housesitters. One of my faves just happens to be a sit in Stockholm, Sweden with Arthur & Pablo!”

“Rentalcars.com has been apart of one of the most amazing car rental price experiences I have ever had when I purchased my rental in Croatia for €7 a day!”

“Airbnb has impacted my life the most by the amazing people I have met and the friendships I have accessed. Especially when I traveled to Skinnskatteberg, Sweden and fell completely in love with Mirjam and Kenneth. I extended my stay for 2 months and worked on a photography with Mirjam.” #friendshipforever

“I remember the first time I traveled outside of the US – I don’t count Canada because I can see it across the bay from where I grew up in Michigan – I thought I was going to go to Denmark. Instead one late night I got the impulse to jump on Skiplagged to explore flight possibilities. Skiplagged has this great feature where you can search “anywhere” as your destination. So I did and I uncovered a flight traveling to Iceland for $400 round trip. And so Iceland was my first international flight!”


“REI has been a place for me to get my travel and outdoor gear for years now. From my favorite Osprey pack that I travel with to my SmartWool socks that kept me warm in Iceland in the cold of winter. It’s my go to hub for trusted brands I love.”


“I’ve been a satisfied free bleeder with THINX now for over 2 years. I trust and love this brand and how they fulfilled a desire I had.”

I’m wearing a pair of my THINX in Australia in the photo below.

“Three years ago I met Angie at an Abraham Hicks seminar in Orlando, Florida and she was wearing her shirt, TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER, and immediately asked her where she got it. Having just created my own line of clothing with intentional words/sayings and one of them being the same exact phrase; TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER. Angie shared it was one of her aunts shirts from her brand Peace Love World. Two weeks later, I received my own Peace Love World TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER shirt and I fell in love with it’s comforts and Alinas intention.”


“Canva has become my go to place for creating my logo, all my social media posts and most of this coolness on my website. It’s a magical world of ease and fun in creating!”