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be YOU

In a world of billions of people, be YOU. There is noone uniquely as you are. No one with your perspective of the color of the sky to the sound interpretation of hearing your name.

Everything about YOU is Unique.
So be that. Be YOUnique.

Plus everyone else is taken and if you were them… Well YOU wouldn’t exist because you’d be them. So let the expression of you, in all moments, of your happiness and sadness rip and roar and shine in this world.

And when YOU see someone else being that Unique expression of themselves.. SMILE.

And remember we are all children in the playground of Earth discovering all the ways we can walk. The falls just as important as the elegant strides.

Would you ever berate a toddler learning to walk? Consider us all toddlers in this world in a CONSTANT discovery.

So be kind to your YOUnique NOW – that’s the only way you’ll feel the kindness for others. You first give it to yourself. You first love the YOUnique you exactly as you are and are not in your NOW.

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