Balance ๐Ÿคธ

Flying high in the mountains.
These trees have mountains.
Yeah, tree covered mountains.

After much going here, seeing this, experiencing that, my guidance is to relax and not ‘go’ anywhere. Now, that wasn’t initially the easiest thought to be with considering I’m just minutes from one of the most famous waterfalls on planet Earth. My guidance only got louder to just be. So I’ve chosen to listen.

I’ve been writing, creating a new manifestation & travel course and basking with Nature.

Today is such a reflection of balance for me. As I ‘work’ and ‘play’ together in harmony. Sometimes my pendulum swings hard core one way day to day.. and this glorious day is super highlighting my power in balance.

Is balance calling you? Comment “HELL YEAH” and welcome balance in however it is needed.

๐Ÿ“ Prozor, Croatia
๐Ÿ“ธ By Darije with my @googlepixel 3

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