About Kerry Kott

Kerry Kott assists those seeking a high vibrational way of living and supporting those continuing to expand their already existing high vibration life. Her mission is to inspire and support people in their self-empowerment to create and live the life they desire.

Justin Blackburn – Poetic Comedic Life Coach – Part 1

Connect with Justin Blackburn as we explore how he manifested his soulmate while writing love poems and how he uses the magic of the Universe to create his colorful life with his many creative expressions. Justin Blackburn is an Author, Poet, Comedian, and Life Coach. He is author of six books including 'Love Poems [...]

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Dr Melissa Sell – German New Medicine

Connect with Dr Melissa Sell as we explore the language of the body and German New Medicine.  Dr Sell is a Chiropractor and German New Medicine Mental Wellness Coach. She helps people regain their health and restore their trust in their body by showing them how their mind functions. Check out this episode!

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That’s My Ship

Today Is The Best Day Ever ⛵⛴️???️ Picture yourself standing at a dock. Your suitcase beside you. The sun kissing your beautiful skin. You're wearing your favorite outfit, so comfortable against your skin. As you look to the left you observe your ship. You feel a sensation in your gut. That's your ship. It's headed out [...]

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That’s Not My Job

Today IS The Best Day Ever ? I don't know how, and I know it's coming. I don't know when, and I know it's coming. I don't know who, and I know it's coming. I don't know what, and I know it's coming. I don't know where, and I know it's coming. None of those things, [...]

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In Order For Something To Be Different, One Must Be Different

Today IS The Best Day Ever ? The past few days have been full of amazing contrast. Contrast that in the past I would have let the old stories run with. This time when it came up I decided that if I wanted something to be different, I was going to need to do something different. [...]

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Who Am I

Saturday I made a shift in how I 'work' with my clients (and interact with people). I have been continuously stepping into the shift everyday and Saturday I allowed this shift to take a new conscious level. Over the years, I've worked with people, and have been 'trained' in looking for what's wrong, what's the [...]

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97 Things of Appreciation

97 Things of Appreciation The sun The sun on my skin This blue pen Water to drink The sound of the water coming to the shore The ripple of the water The reflection of the sun on the water This adorable mangrove The photo I took of the mangrove This notebook The sand on my [...]

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My Appreciation Of The Sun

The Attraction of Appreciation The fastest way to experience anything we desire in life is through the powerful vibration of appreciation. Appreciation (aka Love) is the purest vibration. Ultimately at the root of ALL that we ever desire is the desire to feel good. As we appreciate we feel good. As we appreciate we attract [...]

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