About Kerry Kott

Kerry Kott assists those seeking a high vibrational way of living and supporting those continuing to expand their already existing high vibration life. Her mission is to inspire and support people in their self-empowerment to create and live the life they desire.

Are You Dying to Be Your Authentic Self?

I’m not afraid to share my intimate relationship with Nature; it’s where I feel most alive, most at home; she is my home. In the past I cared about what someone would think about parts of my self expression. Would they judge me, not love me, think I’m weird, stop following me? It was hell [...]

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The Pigeon Within Me

🐦 I had a dream this pigeon (that I met yesterday) came flying from the sky, landed on my left shoulder and stuck her beak into my neck below my ear. I didn't feel it, I just knew it happened. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ I had such a fun interaction with her. It was like I [...]

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A Japanese Man

I manifested the most adorable Japanese man next to me on the train. He didn't speak English, and he spoke to me in Japanese. His energy warm and welcoming such that I felt at peace and this sense of being 'home'. Like this is my home and I've just returned from lifetimes of a [...]

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Do You Know Your Beauty?

I love discovering tiny things in Nature. It’s the moment I’m walking around and I’m guided to LOOK DOWN (or up)! As I shift my focus, I see her. Vibrant. Delicate. Pure Beauty. Who must she be to be to exist here in this moment in time. Does she know her beauty? Does she even [...]

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Justin Blackburn – Poetic Comedic Life Coach – Part 1

Connect with Justin Blackburn as we explore how he manifested his soulmate while writing love poems and how he uses the magic of the Universe to create his colorful life with his many creative expressions. Justin Blackburn is an Author, Poet, Comedian, and Life Coach. He is author of six books including 'Love Poems [...]

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Dr Melissa Sell – German New Medicine

Connect with Dr Melissa Sell as we explore the language of the body and German New Medicine.  Dr Sell is a Chiropractor and German New Medicine Mental Wellness Coach. She helps people regain their health and restore their trust in their body by showing them how their mind functions. Check out this episode!

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