An Introduction of Me; Dr Kerry Kott

HELLO beautiful beings!!!!!!

I am introducing myself, proudly ๐Ÿ˜ And what a great day to do so on… a day of divine feminine celebration. And as “mom” is not just devoted to the female embodiment, but the true essence of femininity in all of it’s expressions. For we all embody it in varying degrees.

I love conversation and living in the Magic of the Universe and immersing with Nature.

Fun facts: I am a Florida licensed primary care physician as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and have lived in that area for the past 10 years. Learned Pranic healing 7 years ago and met a man in Hawaii 6 years ago who taught me the true power of PRESENCE all in on moment of a conversation. So I began that journey of life in the space of BE-ing. Not doing or trying to make anything happen, but BE-ing. It completely shifted my work with my clients, friendship and my relationship with myself. I stopped looking at the tool as the power, and say it as a conduit. Not a necessary conduit, but a conduit of choice and that I did not have to choose any tool, that presence alone is the power.

AND WHAT I’M UP TO NOW IS THIS: With all of that, my career has shifted in the focus of INTENTION & NATURE. Creating and Being with both of those for the power of manifestation; which is the true result of connection with Self (Source). I work with clients through the use of Earth Medicine (ingestible herbal formulas), Nature Retreats (being WITH nature), Magic Power Sessions (intention & energy silence), Intentional Nature Walks (silence=clarity), and online courses (Intention + Authenticity + Intuition).

Connection with Self (Source) ~ there is no separation
Nature ~ the difference between being IN Nature and being WITH Nature
People ~ the wonderment, exploration and FUN of coming together; the joy of conscious deliberate co-creation and the vast contrasting differences of us all
Travel ~ it’s exciting to go to a new place, a new land not yet explored in this incarnation only to arrive and discover everywhere is home
My Kitty Dexie ~ I love his sweet soul expression dearly and have a huge gravitation to the cat species. I love their independence and observation of true freedom (connection)

Intuition ~ I am extremely intuitive and have been deliberately refining my communication with Source for the past 7 years.
Guidance ~ I having an amazing ability to help shift and guide people into what really matters to them. I love to deliver a power punch of clarity for those who are READY for transformation.
Law of Attraction ~ Everything we are creating, WE are creating. When we take personal responsibility for what’s happening in our lives, that’s where TRUE freedom exists. I’m not afraid to have those conversations no matter the subject.
Positivity ~ I can ALWAYS see the greatness in any contrast of life’s experiences.
Manifestation ~ Want to create some amazing things? Great, I love this conversation and it’s all about being ready to be who you need to be for you to create what it is you DO want.

I am so excited to be here and to share and to discover. <3

P.s… I have never introduced myself like this ever in a group. In the past I have found I withhold my sharing. This is a transformation, a new space. Thank you Kat Von Greye for encouraging this introduction to the Sisterhood of the Rose – Tampa Bay, Florida.

P.s.s. This is a photo of me recently in Kyoto, Japan with the beautiful Cherry Blossoms!

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