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All My Dis-ease Comes From Me.

:: An excerpt from thought ::

My body is comprised of infinite intelligent cells that know exactly what to do and when to do it…

The only thing, EVER, standing in the way of experiencing their well-being is ME.

All my dis-ease comes from ME.
Not from my Neighbor.
Not from China.
Not from that Man who didn’t wear his mask that Tuesday afternoon I passed him walking.
Not from my unwashed hands.
Not from…

My dis-ease is MY creation.

When I take responsibility for the creation of MY dis-ease there and ONLY there I find my TRUE freedom.

My freedom will and never does come from someone else. Though I may think it does at times, it does not. When I try to force it upon others I may feel relief, but it is fleeting and never free. For my dis-ease is MY own.

I have done what I have done to create MY dis-ease AND I am the ONLY one to liberate myself of my OWN dis-ease.

Trust me.. I truly desire that; freedom that is. I’ve just been going about it a bit wonky… I’ve just seen it done the ways I’ve been doing it from so many others… Making YOU be the cause of MY dis-ease. Trying to make you CONFORM for my (illusionary and temporary) freedom. Which is just MY MASKED fear.

And if I’m truly honest everytime I ask you to NOT be SELFISH for me I inturn am the SELFISH one… Asking you to ignore your inner guidance so I can satisfy MY fear; MY dis-ease.

I heard you say, “I create my own reality.”

MY body… MY well-being. MY health.
Doesn’t that come from my body?

👆 It never has and it never will. YOUR dis-ease is NEVER outside of YOUrself. ALL created and invited by you. So stop swallowing all those other pills and swallow this one. This one of SELF/SOUL-responsibility for the dis-ease YOU are now, have in the past and may in your future experience.

No pill.
No vaccine.
No mask.
No supplements.
No social distancing.
No plants.
No doctor.
No guru.
No TV screen.

Will cure or prevent YOU from illness and disease. Only YOU can do that for YOUrself. For only YOU are in the way of YOUR well-being. For only YOU are the UNrealizer of YOUR body’s wellness.

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