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A Reminder…

I am so in love with Ireland.

Not because it’s beautiful, though it sure is. I wasn’t quite in love being here until yesterday (and Ireland didn’t have anything to do with that, truly). I just had to remind myself who I really am and POW I was able to see the depths, beauty all around me.

This is my second visit with the Cliffs of Moher and it’s amazing how my shift in perspective, in my presence my experience here was much more magical and stunning. The wind was so strong and after watching the birds dive and fly with it I danced and sang like a bird – most magical.

Was it the place? No. Again, I reminded myself of who I truly am. I was different and that which is around me is different. That is the true key to accessing anything in our outer world, is accessing it first in our inner world. (Though they are one in the same).

P.s… the stone in this capture next to the cliff, to me, is like a magical city. I sat there imagining who must live there and what the world is like there. Do you ever imagine cities and world in parts of Nature?

P.s.s. The work I’ve been doing and did with Aliza Bloom Robinson is pivotal in this expansion and awareness.

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