A Note To My Coach 4-13-19

👌 I feel guided to share an update I just sent to my coach Aliza Bloom Robinson. I’m a bit surprised I’m sharing this and I got the guidance after I wrote it and I haven’t altered it (in some attempt to make it look good/better).

💡 What came to me on sharing it:

1- There’s someone(s) reading this who will benefit

2- I’m taking on truly being my authentic self outside of my past considerations

3- Sharing just how things can and do shift, that ‘stuff’ happens and there is always access in creating a new

I’m letting go of my old mold of “only share stuff/things that look good or else people will judge me, stop following me, love me less, not love me at all, blah blah blah”. So I’m just letting it rip. Yeah, I might do some ‘what people call weird’ ritual with my menstrual blood, have a crazy love for nature, deal with self doubt, find history boring, not give a rip about listening to you argue for your limitations, vanish headaches in under 3 minutes and dream of manifesting my lover who would totally love to hold my umbrella for me in the rain…

So here’s to BE-ing 🥂
And here’s to sharing 🥂

Maybe you’ll see the vulnerability and maybe you won’t.
Maybe you’ll see something for yourself and maybe you won’t.

Hello Beautiful Aliza!

I am writing you from Japan!!!!

So what’s happening?

Well, I’m really tuned into this new depth (space) of inner peace within me. It’s really amazing. As I’ve been traveling and not understanding the language, not sure how my business is going to continue to transform and work and I have this peace inside. Wow… super amazing. There is about 15% of me that has some moments of “where’s the proof.. where’s the tangible OUTERWORLD proof”. And there is outward manifestations and it’s my job to continue to be aware of them. Also, I’ve been guided to write down exactly what I want and how I want it to look. Basically I heard the Universe say, just “CHOOSE what you want here, because you haven’t, not fully.”

Being here in Japan is highlighting that there is no rush. I’ve been slowing down to take in my surroundings and be present and when I’m not (about 20% of the time) I feel the difference. Like when I’m trying to SEE IT ALL, it feels forced and limiting.

There’s a lot of clarity happening. I’m not sure I can quite put it into words yet.

I feel way more confident to be myself. Ways that I haven’t been sharing myself previously are happening now. I’m no longer hiding behind the shadows of, “what will they think. will they love me anymore. … etc” And that feels so damn good.

A lot of expansion IS happening. A deeper sense of TRUST. Trust not in the Universe, but in ME. More IN me.

ALL of this is so good.

I can really see (and am seeing) how taking on traveling and home being wherever I am is part of my quantum expansion.

I like how everywhere I am IS my home. Japan is my home right now. I’m living here. I like that. It’s providing something impactful as well. I am here. I am here now. This is my home. And I work here, live here and play here. I’m looking at how to continuously incorporate my work into my travels. Most of my in-person clients have not transitioned into coaching clients and my coaching clients have mostly dropped off. For some reason I’m not really feeling the one-on-one coaching and I haven’t been for a while. I’m looking to see what that is about and that is apart of the guidance to “just choose Kerry” has come from. So as I write this, I’m giving myself the next the next 3 days here in Japan to choose powerful. Which will create the opening for clarity. I know it’s not about choosing a forever and expansion will continue to happen, it’s about choosing to clean up my vibration. Okay… so as I’m writing what’s coming to me is I’d really love to have the nature retreats and experiences be the dominant financial generator in my business and be creating and generating source materials and online courses and my ‘doubt’ has stopped me from choosing it, from moving forward. Literally my thoughts are JUNKING UP the space. Nothing is actually happening except congested mind space!!!!!! EXPLOSION!!!!!

It is my intention to be clear and complete with this within myself by 4-17-19 (those next 3 days). It is not that it will take 3 days, it’s just that I leave Japan in 3 days and I’m choosing that as a completion of a cycle. And if there is any additional clarity that needs to come about, it will. And so be it!

Thanks for that Aliza… SMILE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Here’s to the container (and a cup of green tea ☕)

Love you!

Appreciate you!


👆 Don’t be stingy… If you got something out of this or saw something possible for someone else in this, SHARE it 😚

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