A Note To My Coach 4-17-19

I’m inspired to continue to share my updates to my coach!

🤔 Why I’m sharing:

My updates to my coach occur as a more intamate writing of me; a different vantage point of expression.

I know that in my sharing there is ALWAYS something there for YOU; clarity, acknowledgement, inspiration, etc.

It’s a vulnerability in a whole new way. I didn’t start writing to my coach for it to be seen, so there was often parts in there I wouldn’t share on an open platform. When the inspiration came to share my update with my coach on my blog, I was like, “Okay, be seen in all who you are.”. It is freedom.. to be!

🥳 So here’s sharing if my 4-17-19 update as I’m traveling from Osaka Japan to San Francisco California.


I’m on a plane from Osaka to San Francisco currently!

Here’s my update.

There is so much happening and its all happening QUICKLY!!

I’m being mindful of how I’m speaking about things.. And I’m not sure how to keep up with myself.. ha!

I am moving my physical body so much, which is great. I found a beautiful hostel in San Francisco that is in the heart of some beautiful nature, YES!!! In Japan what I created was traveling TO Nature and that just become tiring and added to the clarity of what I do want! Plans shifted with my travels to Denver (that’s where I was going directly from Osaka) and I definitely felt the pull to stay in San Francisco.

I’m really letting myself go!!! By that I mean, being me.

I know there is magic in me sharing myself, and I have to hold myself accountable in continuing that momentum! It really is momentum. It the past I’ve stepped away when the Universal winds swooped me up, and now I’m standing in the midst of it all.

I’m discovering my balance for me!!! A great manifestation of it is being clear that 1- I want to be stationed in Nature 2- I desire to spend at least a few days in the places I’m traveling to. Now I already KNEW that, just know I’m taking actions on my follow through of it.

I had a realization. I’ve often wanted the world around me to STOP. So I can breathe and be still. As I’ve reflected on this manifestation of abundant traveling, I was like, “way to not ‘slow down’ Kerry”. I have found myself at times wanting people, places and things to ‘leave me alone’ so things would ‘slow down’. What came to me is I’ve been trying to stop my outer world instead of ‘slowing’/rooting my inner world. Having my inner world be of such a place of rootedness and balance that the outer world gets to be. I get to be. I get to be in different relationship to my outer world. I know from that, my outer world will change, and that’s not the point. The point is stillness within.

This is POW for me!!!! I’m there, right now. I can see myself, standing like those beautiful cedar trees I met in Japan. Rooted, tall, strong. The wind and world may be swirling around me and I can feel it and be with it. I can dance with it when I need to and I can stand tall and firm when I need to. This is unfolding right now in me.

I am truly in appreciation for you! I know it’s the work we’re doing together that is such a contribution to all of this. I feel very powerful. Like infinite intelligence powerful.

There is still some variance of LOOKING for the outward manifestation(s). There has been a shift in this area (feels like 15%) and I am in SUCH appreciation of that. What I’m getting from My Inner Being is that, “Be like the tree, stand tall and trust. In my sharing and putting myself out there it comes <—!!!!!”. I feel like I’ve been coming out of hibernation of sharing myself. Specifically around my career, letting myself be seen in it, knowing myself to be the impactful, powerful being so many others see me as. Even sharing on Facebook about that I can create intuitive herbal formulas for people seems new to me. Like, “yeah, this is something I can do and yes it can be a contribution to you”.

I’m being more generous with money. It feels like a ‘trickle’ generosity and it’s more than what was happening before. I’m not forcing it though as I don’t want to ‘make myself’ do it and then feel worse after. I do notice different conversations I’m having with myself with money. If some thought of doubt pops in I bring my awareness to my heart space, the heart space of my soul and I’m immediately presenced to my true inner peace. It feels like a, “There you are. Let me hold onto you.”

It’s all working out, I just KNOW it, more than I ever have before.

Oh and there has been a huge shift in expectation and looking outside of myself to others for what I may need. I was having thoughts around my business like, “I wish someone would help me. I wish I had already manifested my partner and we’re one of those couples who do similar things and support each other.” That would stop me in the past and now I’m just like, I got this. I’m doing this.

I feel so solid in the content I’m providing and sharing with my audience. Like, “Wow, this is some connected expression sharing that’s coming from me. Not because I need something from you or I’m doing this because that’s what people do to impact their business, but because it feels so damn good.”

And I’m ready for retreat and client registrations!!!!!!

I’ve also noticed old pattern thoughts of “where is my partner” and how comically it is that that thought has been blocking the flow of SEEING possibilities all around me. Like real life ones in people I already know. I still don’t feel quite ready yet to make a choice, and I DO notice a difference in my way of being with the subject. I’m closer than I’ve ever been before. There is also a new relationship in my mind in really getting that it’s been ME this whole time. It hasn’t been that anyone else isn’t ready or perfect or that I am not clear about what I desire in partnership, but that I’ve been in the way this whole time. That session we had, wow, as literally vanished things that were once ‘there’. I would say, “I’m ready to be ready”. <– and that occurs ‘scary’. Like I’m going to jump off a building puking at the same time. hahahahahahahahaha

I could write and write and write. There is so much more than what I shared. it’s all out of this center heart space of peace. It’s so satisfying and a place that never leaves me. Thank you for guiding my awareness to it and cocreating this moment in time.

I am eternally grateful for you.