A Japanese Man

I manifested the most adorable Japanese man next to me on the train. He didn’t speak English, and he spoke to me in Japanese.

His energy warm and welcoming such that I felt at peace and this sense of being ‘home’. Like this is my home and I’ve just returned from lifetimes of a journey.

Looking out at the country moving through on this train brought visions of what I imagined my lives here were like.

I thought after this sweet man left the train about getting a picture of him, but that’s not what that moment was about. As much as I love photos, that’s not what all moments are for. There have been many moments since being here that may have called for a photo, but it’s been more about taking it in. Being here (in Japan) and not online. I know that’s what many do as teachers, we share and I love to too. I have to continuously refine the balance between content sharing and being wherever I am.

I love the immersion of wherever I am. It’s what I teach, especially with Nature. My guidance has been just that. To fully immerse and BE my message. And that being the biggest impact I truly have on myself and all the amazing being I teach and be with.

Are you ready to immerse and be present?
Come play with me! I live this work. Literally. And it’s my passion to guide you.

Come delve in the depths of Nature with me through my Women’s Nature Retreats, co-ed Nature Immersions or work one-on-one through private coaching.


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