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40 Seconds Of Nature…

Staring at an image or video of Nature for 40 seconds can trigger the brain (you) into a more relaxed state. 

Relaxing the brain (you) reduces negative emotions; anger, fear, sadness & stress, while it increases positive emotions; peace, clarity, satisfaction & happiness.

Ultimately being with Nature allows You to align with Source/God/The Universe.  Which has tremendous value on your emotional wellbeing.  From your more relaxed emotional state You allow the Wellbeing of your body to flow; your emotions & focus are no longer impacting your ability to receive & experience your body feeling good.

If you feel pain in the body the shift in focus to Nature eases you & the stagnant pain, created from constrained & repressed emotions, can now flow as the brain (you) relax.

👆 You can utilize the above analogy and replace pain for whatever you’re experiencing in your body and it will translate the same.

This is how it works 👇

Focus creates emotions

Emotions are indicators of focus

Focus on wanted = positive emotions

Focus on unwanted = negative emotions

Dis-ease/illness is focusing on unwanted, feeling the negative emotions & ignoring it to the point that it manifests in the physical body.

So when dis-ease exists in the body a shift in focus and/or emotional state can alter the dis-ease experience.

So here’s a trick when you’re feeling sad, bad & gloomy.  Hell here’s a trick when you’re feeling happy, satisfied & interested. 

Go outside with Nature & stare into the abyss of it.  Let the vibration of it carry your mind away, settle your heart rate & relax your body.

And if you desire to transform your relationship with your dis-ease of pain, overwhelment & frustration while understanding how it manifested.  I’m your gal.  This is my specialty.

Pain; whether physical or emotional is an indicator of where you’re focused and where you’re headed.  Indicators are easy to interact with & shift, if you’re willing to stop, listen & pivot with yourSelf.

So stop..
Put down the phone & be with Nature OR use it to send me a private DM.
Either way, it’s a shift in your focus & vibration.

And please leave a comment if this was valuable to you 👇

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