Are You Dying to Be Your Authentic Self?

I’m not afraid to share my intimate relationship with Nature; it’s where I feel most alive, most at home; she is my home.

In the past I cared about what someone would think about parts of my self expression. Would they judge me, not love me, think I’m weird, stop following me?

It was hell living that way. Trapped by my own limitation of what someone else might think of me.

So I hid and I shared what I thought was ‘appropriate’.

I kept trying to figure out the magic potion of my life. That magic moment of freedom, of being seen, of being heard, of being acknowledged. But mostly what I was doing was sharing based on avoidance of judgment.

I don’t share this because I think you should do what I’m doing.

I share this because if I don’t, I’ll die on an unhappy, constrained vine.

I share this because it’s my calling, I’m a teacher to my core; a teacher of expression, of connection with self, of magic, of acceptance, of love.

I share this because I know the impact being me has on being with you and the impact that you have on me by me being me.

So go….

make love with the Universe, or not!

hug a Tree, or not!

kiss a flower, or not!

share yourself publicly, or not!

The world needs you, in whatever form you show up, but just don’t let your fear be the reason you hide yourself.

No one is judging you, except you. That’s what I discovered for me.

And the person I really needed to be seen by, heard by, acknowledged by, was me!

That’s what I’m taking on for myself and my life. Hearing me. Not being heard by someone else, but listening to me.

Are you dying to be your authentic self?

Do you get the power of that question; ‘dying’ to be you. Because that’s exactly what we do when we’re not ourselves. We’re either dying or thriving.

Are you ready to thrive?

Come play with me! I live this work. Literally. And it’s my passion to guide you.

Come delve in the depths of Nature with me through my Women’s Nature Retreats, co-ed Nature Immersions, Plant Medicine and Private Coaching.

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