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Getting Paid To Go On Walks

Okay so I manifest dollars into my experience in untraditional ways.. every time I go for a walk and am out and about I ALWAYS find money.

It didn’t start out this way. I remember finding money as a little girl. It seemed to happen often. One day when I was in my late teens that shifted. I found dollars one day and I was at work and felt I needed to “turn” it in, in case one of the shoppers came forth saying they lost $40. No one claimed the $40 and I never saw it again. I stopped manifesting dollars in this way that day.

Years later working as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine a client of mine paid $80 over my fee that day. I turned into the receptionist at the office I worked in and said “I don’t know what to do with this. I cannot legally accept a tip.”. I never saw that $80 again.

Two years ago during a month of silence I received the thought about “reigniting” this energy. I also acknowledged that I had been carrying around a judgement about accepting and picking up money that was just “given” to me or found on the earth. I went with this new received thought of tuning into my little girl energy of allowing and finding money.

It started with coins, pennies mostly. I was comfortable in that space. In this comfortable space, the more pennies I would find. Months later I new a $100 bill was coming my way and it did! I was so excited that I felt it before it came. And it came!

Though I had doubts in my space about dollars continuously flowing in. Still, more coins continued showing up every day. Pennies turned to nickels… Nickels to dimes… And dimes to quarters.. different bills sporadically showed up here and there.. a $20, a $10, a $1…

Over the past few months I have chosen to consciously, actively shift my belief, my relationship with money in new ways. Mostly of how it comes to me, the avenues in which it can come to me. What has beautifully shifted in this exploration is the dollar manifestations along my journey. An array of different dollar amounts keep showing up in a more consistent weekly to daily basis.

This is more than finding coins and dollars for me. It is a reflection of receiving. It’s a reflection of what I’m letting it. It’s a reflection of creation. It’s a reflection of what I came here for.

P.s.. the more I share this with others, the more WE encounter (more) dollars and coins in our experience .

Who wants to play?!

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