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A New Direction…

I remember that morning, waking from my hospital bed. Not recalling what had happened from my non-physical side. I could barely move. What happened. From my perspective then, it wasn’t pleasant.

When my surgeon came in, she informed me of the procedure. At 19 I had undergone major surgery. Removal of an organ and partial removal of two others. Unable to sit up or even eat, I pressed my morphine button and drifted back to sleep.

The day after my return home I was eager to search the internet of my (western medicine) diagnosis. I found forums of people’s experience with this diagnosis. None of which sounded positive. I read until I found clarity on what I needed to do to move forward from this point in my life.

A couple weeks later I found myself sitting in a room waiting for my surgeon to pop in. I was eager to meet with her and share what I had uncovered in my online research. Delighted to see her walk through the door I asked “What do I need to do differently with my lifestyle?”. Clearly, she responded “There’s nothing you need to change with your lifestyle.” I sat there puzzled, but remained silent.

As I walked away from my visit I kept thinking…. Nothing? Change Nothing? This doesn’t make sense. I had this experience because of my lifestyle. If I wanted to continue my life the way I was living it, I’d just keep having problems. I knew there was something to change, to be made different… and eventually I found them.

Today, this memory popped in my head as I moved through my kitchen. For 14 years I had viewed my surgeons comment as a limited western medicine perspective. But as I stand here today preparing food for myself I once believed I’d never be able to eat again from this experience, I realized my surgeon was right. There was nothing I ever needed to change about my life. I was already this beautiful, whole and complete human. Ultimately what shifted was my perspective of myself.

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