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We all have it.
Some choose to see it within themselves.
some choose to experience it within themselves.
Some choose to acknowledge it within themselves.

All have it.

Circumstances do not define privilege.
The food you ate this morning does not define your privilege.
The parents and the family in which you were born into does not define your privilege.
Your skin color or your demographics do not define your privilege.

Privilege is a birthright.

Only you can give and take it within yourself.
You are only the one to condemn and praise.
And you are the only one holding yourself in a state of disconnection or freeing yourself in a state of alignment.

Having access to the advantage that creates worlds. Having access to godforce energy.

👆 It gets screwy when you think that your privilege comes from another, from outside of yourself. The real definition of privilege is having access to, is being God. And that my friends we all have and is more powerful than any circumstance, any person.

You will never access your privilege by demanding it from others. Sure you may think you might, but it is conditional, temporary and temperamental. The only consistent privilege is in your alignment with who you truly are. For there is the wellspring, the privilege in which all else flows.

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