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You may desire to donate to support my spiritual teaching content and intuitive guidance work.

Ways to Donate

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Why Donate?

Donations go towards the time and energy for putting together and sharing my inspirational work.  Receiving donations allows me to offer some of my work for free to anyone who finds value in it.

Donations allow me to connect with and help people I meet on a day to day basis outside of my scheduled appointments.  Often times, when I’m connecting with people I encounter in my daily travels, the time we share together is much like a transformation session someone would experience with a scheduled appointment, it just happens to be a different introduction and setting.

Your Donations greatly impact my personal missionary experience.

One morning while in meditation the vision of working with people in a new way came to me.  It was a vision of interacting with people in my daily travels much in the way I work with people in my one-on-one Transformation Sessions.  In my one-on-one sessions I work with people in guiding them to what it is they desire in life by assisting them with my intuitive guidance and whatever modalities are called in our time together.

The vision I received was about being a personal missionary accessible to those asking for what I have to offer outside of a booked appointment with me.  It is about helping people in my own “backyard”.  Often times, there are organizations that travel to foreign places or offer help to a certain group of people that are considered to be in “need”.  One thing I’ve always been aware of is that it’s not just a desolate village in Africa that is asking for help, but it’s the woman at your local Starbucks sitting in a chair exhausted from saying ‘yes’ to everyone in her life and it’s the man walking around Barnes and Nobles looking for a book on romantic relationships because every relationship he’s having doesn’t “work out” for him.  These are the “everyday” people I’m called to work with.  My desire is to be apart of new found peace in someone’s heart.

This isn’t about me walking up to everyone I meet looking for something to fix. This is about me trusting my intuition and connecting with those I’m called to. This is about a true, real perspective and gift of love.  Knowing and trusting that someone I’m being called to is asking for and ready for what I have to offer.

Let me share a story with you….

As I walked out of my gym doors I walked to my car.  Sitting in my drivers seat I asked The Universe (Spirit, Source, God, Angels.. we all have different names) “where to now?”.  I was shown and image of Barnes and Nobles.  “Okay,” I said, “There must be something there for me”.  Once I’m there, standing in front of the book section I was guided to, a man appears next to me.  I feel guided to start a conversation with him, so I do.  He shares with me he’s looking for a book about romantic relationships because his relationships are not working out.  Through our conversation while picking up things intuitively about what was at the root of his “issue”, I guided him to a completely different section in the store.  We continue our uplifting interaction and he selects two books he feels excited about reading.  I offer him some additional guidance and we exchange contact info.  I share with him, that he has access to me and to reach out for further clarity, connection, etc.

A few days later I contact him to see how he’s doing since our interactions.  He share’s this with me, “Hi Kerry!  I like how these books address all my relationship situations.  i feel such positive energy and I see what you said about being drawn to the people I do want in my life.  It shows me I can have the type of relationship I want.”  I’ve continued to be available and he has shared since, “I find you very inspiring and helpful.  Thank you for all of your help.”  …. You can check out my more in depth experience here The Barnes and Noble Sweet Spot.

Why I am doing this.

Well, first of all I received the though and I was inspired.  It felt good.  And then I realized I was already doing this.  I always want to do thing that inspire me. I love being in the moment.  And this allows for this.  I’ve done scheduled appointments for seven years and they’re completely different than this.  I want to be there, in the moment that life is “happening”.

This is who I am.

Just imagine, this is my “job”.

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