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The Universe Made Me Do It was founded to assist those seeking a life of ease, authenticity and support their already expanding journey.

Kerry Kott, DOM LAc

Founder of The Universe Made Me Do It

I am an enthusiastic life explorer.

I am an eternal optimist.

I am a believer.

I am not the modality. I am not the act. I am not the mind. I am not the healer. I am not the doctor. I am not the thing you seek. I simply am. That is who and what you experience in my presence. Me.

My core desired feelings in life are Ease, Clarity, Expression, Peace & Freedom and are at the root of how I create my life.

My life isn’t about sheltering myself from life’s weather, but dancing with it. Sometimes we need it to rain to know we have a leak. Sometimes we need the winds to move us from one space to the next.

I know YOU already have all YOUR answers.

I like meeting in a hallway of your castle, holding a lit torch, shining the light of clarity, passing the torch off to you, and watching you continue on your journey with brighter light. The torch is symbolic to me of a light that shines on your already existing well-being. That’s who I love being for you and the world, a reminder of who you really ‘are’.

I don’t give and share myself with you and others to feel good, I give and share because I already feel good, and that’s worth sharing!

My purpose is not to tell you what to do, it is to guide you in your own exploration. I want you to be curious about you. I want you to take whatever is offered in our connection and make it your own.

My time with you is about YOU. I remember the first time a client said to me, “I feel like the most important person when I’m with you…”. I shared this with a friend of mine and he said, “that’s how I feel when I’m with you”. One of the most beautiful gifts we can ever give each other is the presence of ourselves. It is my gift to you in our session and it is a gift to me and my life.

I know that when someone connects with me in any way, that they are ready for what I have to offer. They are ready for an important shift to happen!

We are all in this together and I’m happy to be whomever and whatever you need me to be along your path.

If you’re reading this, I know you’ve called me into your experience as a helper along your way. And I know you will create me in the way you need me.

I am your Change Catalyst.

And some might say I better let you know what I’ve ‘done’ in my life, the credentials I’ve explored and acquired. If you’re into that, here they are….. Oh, and just so you know, my credentials are only part of my “knowledge”. What is at the core of being the powerful creator I choose to be is being on the court of my life everyday, it’s me choosing to go deep with myself, to explore the parts of me I love and the parts of me I have chosen to not love. My life experience supports all that I do with you!

Florida Licensed Primary Care Physician

Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician

Masters of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Bachelors of Health Sciences

Associates of General Management

Accounting Advanced Certificate

Certification of Basic Pranic Healing

Certification of Pranic Psychotherapy

Certification of Kryashakti

Advanced Level II Food Healing Instructor

Certificated Fairyologist

Attended Angel Tarot Card Reader Course

Attended A Common Grounds intuitive enfoldment class for 2 years

Listen to Abraham Hicks recordings everyday since 2015

Completion of Landmark Forum, Advanced Course and Power to Create

Okay, so I didn’t just wake up working with people in the way I do and celebrating my life with purposeful intention. There was a moment in time many moons ago where I walked into exploratory surgery and almost didn’t make it out. I woke from surgery with parts of my organs removed and a ‘diagnosis’ of my future life. This experience forced me to create something new in my life. I had no idea what it was, where it was and when it would come, but I knew it was out there. I feel like I’ve always been a seeker of the depths of life and this experience catapulted me in the direction of my desire to know who we all truly are.

Thelma Ojedis

Co-Founder of The Universe Made Me Do It

Thelma Ojedis is a born and bred Latina New Yorker, she is a unique mix of light and dark, of street smarts, book smarts and higher wisdom. She is kind and compassionate, sassy and playful, tough and cut throat, knowing when to hold space and when to shake things up. She brings  a sort of cosmic joking to all aspects of being, she finds humor in ALL. She is nomadic, poetic, gifted with words and the ability to discern where people are functioning from. She is in this world not of this world, a bridge connecting the seen with the unseen.

She has been consciously creating her life for nearly two decades. After literally being flung off of a motorcycle onto a path of deep questioning and self discovery, she choose to awaken onto her creator self. She has moved herself far from the traditional ways of living.  She follows her inner guidance, her bliss, her heart, her soul’s calling. Standing fully in her power, she explores, she questions, she dances, she sings, she laughs, she cries, she plays, she lives in the joy of allowance and relishing the myriad of experiences available to us in this  temporal physical reality.

This journey she embarked on in 2002 has taken her thru so many studies and practices. It began with meditating using the Navajo Medicine Wheel and has moved in many directions such as Light Body Work, A Course in Miracles, Law of Attraction, Vipassana, Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki, Tai-Chi Chi Gong, Shamanism, Akashic Record reading, Landmark, Access Consciousness, Quantum Living, Conscious Creators, Sedona method etc, etc. Along the path she discovered that God, Creator, Source (or whatever name sits well with you) speaks to us, thru us, with us, in ALL aspects of life. It became her intention to always pay attention and live in meditative space, in this way she discovers the gift in ALL things. All things, people, situations, places, spaces are sacred and a great contribution if we use a different kind of attention. This is her daily practice.

After collecting tools of Alchemy, she has taken a stand as a self-proclaimed Change Catalyst. As a Change Catalyst she welcomes ANY and ALL experiences with a deep knowing and trust in her abilities to move thru life with ease, joy and glory. She desires to share these tools with anyone that can hear her and where she can’t be heard she plants seeds, seeds of thought, seeds of questioning. Fully over-standing that each flower blossoms at their own time, that there is no way of getting this life thing wrong. We all come into our own at just the right time, we are all a part of the symphony of life, playing exactly the note required in that moment to harmonize. She empowers others to stand in the greatness they BE, reminding others of their innate sovereignty.




“Working” with Thelma is a playful experience. She knows that there is nothing for you to learn. There is only RE-MEMBERING and practice. YOU are YOUR own healer, YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR own reality. She humbly steps into your reality when invited to REMIND you of who you really BE. She invites you to step up, to step out, the universe loves YOU. Some of the titles given to the modalities she practices are as follows yet not limited to:

Akashic record reading

Guided meditation


Writing workshops


Energy body work

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