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Kerry Kott is amazing! I am amazed by how my body feels. My son passed away on 8/8/15 and I have worked really hard to move forward on this new life journey of mine. Even with all the work I had done, my body just didn’t feel right. I know my body well and I could feel the negative energy building up inside, my Qi was definitely blocked. After my first session with Kerry, all that negative energy started moving inside me and was released to the universe. I now feel such a strong connection to my son Nick in Spirit. It’s as if our souls are silently talking to each other. I am beyond greatful for this life changing session and look forward to my continuing sessions over the next few months. I highly recommend Kerry, she has changed my life. Yet another Earth Angel sent by God and my son to help me along on my new life journey.

LouAnn - Kansas City, MO

Kerry is the kind of Healer I have searched for all of my life.  She is phenomenal at Counseling (coaching), Energy clearing, and guiding me thru meditation to let the old thoughts go.  I feel absolutely fabulous when I have a session with her. I feel light and airy and totally relaxed…

Her knowledge of Chinese medicine combined with her intuition is outstanding and her personality is warm, friendly and open. I always feel like I can tell her everything that is on my mind.  I’m so grateful to have connected with her.  She is exactly what I was asking for!
Katherine - Dallas, TX

I had an Amazing session with Kerry this week!!

She has the innate ability to quickly identify underlying core issues in the body to promote healing on all levels. When I saw her, I was dealing with fatigue, a sore throat and some blocked energy. Within 15 minutes of her healing hands, I felt a huge release, which created the space I needed to heal!

Kerry is a very compassionate and gifted primary care physician, energy worker and guide. I feel super comfy talking to her and she exudes positive energy and passion in her work! I highly recommend her. It’s a blessing to be in her presence!

She’s a true gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Emily - Tampa, FL

Do you ever feel like your intuition is trying to tell you something, yet you can’t quite understand it in the moment? Being with Kerry while she is holding the space for your connection is as though your inner being is speaking through her and right back to you. It is the most comfortable I have felt in a healing session, and she helps bring out your inner strength to feel exactly what you didn’t even know you wanted. Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring being of light!

Jennifer - Ft Lauderdale, FL
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